Make Your First Animated Video
in less than an hour!

Do you dream of rockets blasting into space, heroes battling monsters or robots dancing disco? Anything is possible with animation!

This amazing course contains everything you need to know to get started making your first animated video using equipment you already own.

This video course has been compiled from years of teaching people how to make their first animated video. Join 1,000+ participants in making your first animated video.

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The Learn to Animate Course contains everything you need to know to make your first animated video. This video course is perfect for parents wanting a weekend project with their kids, educators looking to bring animation to their classroom, or those that have a cool ideas they want to animate.

“Jason Love has a clear and concise way of teaching animation.”

-Michelle Veeneman - Youth Services Director at Belleville Public Library

A Book For Beginners

Not sure where to get started with animation?  Don't fret!  
Our book takes your hand and shows you that YOU CAN create fun animated videos with our Learn to Animate Course.

We take you from what equipment you need through your first project. Then we teach you 9 additional animation techniques you can do at home.

A Course Based On Experience

This course is created from years of putting on animation workshops.  Our classes have included people from 6 to 60.

A Word From The Author

“The world is full of things to animate. After you make your first video, you will find yourself walking through an art gallery or see a sculpture on the street and think, 'I would love to animate that!' This happens to me all the time and I love sharing my passion for animation with others.”